Made of refined lard


Lard and fully hydrogenated lard, BHA, propyl gallate, and citric acid added to protect flavor.

Product Characteristics

Refined lard that is manufactured under USDA supervision.

Kosher Supervision


Safe Handling and Storage

Commercial items have a one-year shelf life. Refrigeration is not required. Product should be stored in a cool to ambient temperature. Freezing and cross contamination should be avoided.

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Available in a variety of sizes

You can choose from a wide selection of packaging options to fit your needs, from 8 oz. to 25 lbs.
8 oz.1 lb.2.5 lb.3 lb.4 lb.8 lb.25 lb.

Using lard for your recipes

Oh, so many possibilities

Any recipe is great with the all-around goodness of Armour lard.

Use lard in place of butter, oil or shortening and see for yourself the difference it can make.

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