About Armour

Making food great since the 1880s

Some things never change, like the goodness of Armour lard. We’ve never compromised on quality or consistency. Ever. So it’s no wonder the best cooks rely on Armour as much today as they did over a century ago. For better health, better taste and better results, always choose Armour lard.

#1 brand of lard

Quality you can trust

Some know it as “the green label with the red star.” Others simply call it “lard”. Either way, Armour has been a part of family traditions for generations. Armour is preferred by more people across the United States than any other brand of lard and continues to be the #1 brand of lard in stores today. That’s because there are so many great ways to use it, from sautéing to baking to frying. See for yourself the difference Armour can make in your recipes.

Every package of Armour lard has a tamper evident seal and is packed in state-of-the-art GMA Safe and Accredited HACCP Based Food Plants.